Data Concentrator

Cost Effective AMR Integration Endpoint

EDAT-MS16 Data Concentrator


Collects and aggregates data from up-to 255 meters
Large non-volatile memory data storage to prevent data loss
Meter profile management to support multiple device types and protocols
Scheduled or on-demand data acquisition with configurable channels
Upload data to AMI/AMR server automatically via cellular, Wi-Fi or Ethernet
RS485, RF, PLC, Wi-Fi or Ethernet local communication channels
Supports DLMS/COSEM, IEC62056-21, MODBUS, or third-party protocols
Short message service (SMS) configuration in real-time


Dimensions: 180mm x 163mm x 64mm
Operation Voltage: 85-265VAC, 50/60Hz
Connection Type: One Phase or Three Phase
Power Consumption: < 5W
Operation Temperature: -25°C ~ +70°C
Internal Memory: 4 ~ 16 MBytes
Insulation: Protective Class II
Ingress Protection: IP54

Indication: 8 LEDs for operation and communication status
Casing Material: High quality polycarbonate
Meter Capacity: 127 meters (default), 255 meters (optional)
Real-time Clock: < 0.5s / 24 hours
Interface: Signal terminal and 4x RJ-45 RS485 sockets
Input & Output: 2 channel tampering input/1 channel control output
Local Communication: RS485, RF, PLC, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Optical
Remote Communication: GPRS/3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

Sample Application

Integrates residential and commercial meters into AMI/AMR network in a cost effective way.
EDAT Sample Application