Microstar Electric Company Limited

Microstar Electric Co. Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development of innovative energy meters and smart metering solutions since 1994. 

Microstar offers a wide range of metering products to cover all the metering needs of the power grid, including:

  • Three phase CT/CTVT smart meters (class 0.2s / class 0.5s)
  • Three phase whole current smart meters (class 1.0 / class 0.5s)
  • Single phase smart meters (class 1.0s)
  • LV metering panel w/ remote load control option
  • HT metering panels for transmission & distribution
  • Data concentrators & data adapters for AMI/AMR systems
  • Substation metering panels w/ SCADA integration
  • Web-based AMI/AMR Systems

Quality is at the center of Microstar's design and manufacturing process. Microstar's quality control and management system has been certified with ISO-9001 and MID Module D (EU instrument production quality control standard). The company's products have been supplied to over 30 countries in 5 continents. Microstar has became a leading brand in many countries for its superior quality and rich functions. 

Microstar a pioneer and technology leader in the smart meter industry. It has more than 20 years of static and smart meter R&D and manufacturing experience. Microstar's in-house research facility, Bluestar Electrical Meter Research Institute, is known for providing technology transfer and ODM components for some of the largest meter manufacturers in the world. For a long period of time, over 50% of all the electronic meters in China are using technology or modules from Bluestar/Microstar. 

Microstar's laboratory has been certified with IEC 17025 (CNAS). The test reports generated by Microstar Laboratory is recognized worldwide. Being one of the first companies in the world to provide fully DLMS compliant meters, Microstar has also provided DLMS compliance testing service for many meter manufacturers from different countries. 

Microstar has shifted its research focus to large scale AMI/AMR systems for energy meters since 2002. It is one of the first companies to successfully deploy large scale AMI systems based on cellular GPRS network (world bank funded project in Kenya). Since then Microstar has made significant advancement in AMI systems R&D, and has a strong proven track record of deploying large scale AMI systems for large state-wide utilities as well as small-to-medium power distrubutors. 

Looking into the future, the company's vision is to lead the revolutionary change to the advanced metering infrastructure system and smart grid. Microstar shall harness the power of Internet of Thing (IoT), Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create innovative end-to-end solution to address the challenge of smart grid and renewable energy. 


Bluestar Electrical Meter Research Institute

Bluestar Electrical Meter Research Institute (BEMR Inst., est. 1994) is Microstar's in-house meter research facility that is the technology leader in the smart meter industry of China. It not only provided cutting edge technology and products for Microstar, but also helped many meter manufacturers in China, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa via technology transfer and ODM. Its technology facilitated the transform from mechanical meters to electronic (static) meters, and from non-smart meters to smart meters. It has been at the forefront of smart meter and smart metering system research and development with expertswidely respected in the industry.