Transformer Operated Three Phase Smart Meter

Class 0.2s, Class 0.5s

IEC 62053-22, IEC 62053-23, IEC 62052-11, EN 50470
P2000-T Three Phase CT/CTVT Smart Meter


High accuracy measurement of bi-directional energy and demand
Instrumentation of voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency and harmonics
Two configurable load profiles with 450 days capacity at 60' interval
Four event logs with power quality or tampering events
Internal real-time clock with super-capacitor or lithium battery backup
Encapsulation type meter casing for superior reliability and security
Supports DLMS/COSEM, IEC62056-21, or MODBUS protocol
AMI/AMR ready with hot-pluggable communication module


Connection Type: Three Phase Three/Four Wire
Accuracy Class: Class 0.2s, Class 0.5s
Rated Voltage: 57.7/100V to 240/415V
Rated Current: 1(10)A, 1(5)A, 5(6)A
Dimensions: 255mm x 200mm x 84.5mm
Weight: 1.55kg (approximately)
Insulation: Protective Class II
Ingress Protection: IP54

LCD: Two line 8 or 11 digits with back-light
Display Items: 200 configurable items
Real-time Clock: < 0.5s / 24 hours
Auxiliary Supply: 48V- 240V (optional) 
Local Communication: Optical, RS485, RF, PLC
Remote Communication: GPRS/3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Harmonics: Up-to 31th order with THD
Voltage Sag & Swell: 25 levels with sub-second detection