With strong electrical engineering and computer science domain knowledge, Microstar has in-house team/expertise ready and available to meet the customers' requirements.

1. Custom design of energy meters with particular requirements

Microstar has a strong in-house R&D team to customize the IEC standard meters to meet various local standards or special customer requirements. For our business partners, Microstar offers:

  • Custom designed electricity meter modules
  • Communication interface protocol design
  • Local and special technical requirement support
  • Setup production facilities for smart meters
  • Electricity meter test and calibration equipment

2. AMR/AMI system design and implementation

With extensive AMI/AMR system deployment experience in different countries, Microstar is commuted to help clients to design new AMI/AMR systems for large scale smart meter roll-outs, or integration of existing traditional meters into the AMI/AMR systems. 

The network can be based on directly cellular communication between smart meters and the server, or via the data concentrators. The data concentrators can read meters of different vendors/brands through optical port/RS485 port, or other channels. The supported communication protocols include MODBUS, IEC 62056-21 (Formerly IEC 61107), or DLMS/COSEM. 

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