Customer Interface Unit (CIU)

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H1000 Display Unit


Displays prepayment account and meter usage information
Enables users to recharge meter with tokens from convenience of home
LED and buzzer warnings for overload, low credit or disconnection
Ergonomic industrial design with weather proof casing
Option of RS485, PLC, or RF connection to meter for best flexibility
High quality two line 8-digit LCD with large characters
Barcode on display to allow easy inventory management
Supports recharge and information retrieval via contactless smart card (optional)


Dimension: 152mm x 95mm x 35mm (w/ wall mount)
Weight: 0.5kg
Operating Voltage: 5VDC for RS485/RF; 50-265VAC for PLC
Power Consumption: < 400mA
Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ +70°C
Humidity Range: 0-95%

Connection Ports: RJ-45 for RS485
Recharge Media: 20-digit STS token entry or contactless smart card
Communication Protocols: DLMS/COSEM, IEC 62056-21
Communication Channel: RS485 / RF (433/470/868MHz) / PLC
Compatible Meters: P2000-T, P2000-D, C2000, 3rd party Models