Three Phase CT Operated Prepayment Cubicle

Large Power Customer Prepayment / Remote Load Control Solution

MS600-240 Prepayment Cubicle


High quality steel with sprayed anti-corrosion plastic coating
Fully assembled with CTs, MCCB, test terminal block and smart meter
Equipped with Microstar P2000-T high accuracy smart meters w/ AMR facility
STS certified prepayment features including emergency and friendly mode
Air vents for panel ventilation and rain shield for water drainage
On-site meter reading or recharge with H1000 display unit
Cable entry and exit holes with PVC cable glands
Remote load monitoring and power quality statistics


Dimensions: 950mm x 700mm x 210mm
Voltage Rating: 3x240/415V
Current Rating: 100A, 200A, 300A, 500A, 630A, 800A
Operation Temperature: -25°C ~ +70°C
Humidity Range: 0 - 96%
Enclosure Material: Anti-corrosion Coated sheet steel
Window Material: High-quality Poly-carbonate
Ingress Protection: IP53, IEC 529

Main Components:
1x Coated Sheet Steel Enclosure w/ Two Smaller Doors
1x Microstar P2000-T Smart Meter Accuracy Class 0.5s w/ AMR module
3x 240V Current Transfomers (CTs) Class 0.5s
1x 3 Phase MCCB
1x Earthing Bar
1x Test Terminal Block with Transparent Cover
6x Cable Glands for Cable Entry/Exit